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We issue no refunds for digital products unless otherwise specified on the website or the digital product's page. We recommend contacting us for assistance at if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products. 


Unless the Payment Plan applies the client must first purchase the online product (course or online program) to access the content of the program. If the Payment Plan is offered by the Immigrant Blueprint client/user must strictly follow the payment terms and pay on time, otherwise, the user/client is terminated and will have denied access to the content and the course material. 


There is no client-attorney relationship created by purchasing the course and accessing the educational materials of Immigrant Blueprint. The Immigrant Blueprint doesn't guarantee any successful visa petition approval, green card petition approval by the USCIS or the US Embassy. The Immigrant Blueprint doesn't guarantee any successful business creation/formation of any entity in the USA, EIN, ITIN and SSN approval by the IRS, nor a successful bank account opening by any U.S. or non- U.S. financial institution or a bank institution. The Immigrant Blueprint does not guarantee any successful scaling or growing of a business in any U.S. jurisdiction or outside, nor any business creation whatsoever. The information provided on this platform are for educational purposes only and does not replace advice from a licensed attorney. You should not act or refrain to act solely on the information provided. No attorney-client relationship is created by this material including course, live trainings and free or paid video courses, or social media streams launched by the Immigrant Blueprint, Anuforo Law Firm, LLC or Ebony Anuforo, the Founder of the Immigrant Blueprint. If you have any questions, contact us at If you don't agree with terms of this agreement, don't use this website or any of the courses. 

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